Thank you for being part of this year's

CSA Surfing Scholars Program!

How it works...

    Each of this year's applicants have submitted their application and you have received a copy by email.  There are 4 questions they were asked to consider and based on their responses, your job is to score each question on a scale from 1-10, and then submit your scoring in the form below. Easy! There is also a space for you to add any comments you may have about the application.  

    You will find the names of the applicants in the drop down menu below.  The questions they were asked are also listed below (as the questions themselves are not listed in the email application you received).  

A few "rules of the road:"

  • If you personally know any of the applicants and feel that you can not objectively take part in this process as a judge, please let us know right away so we can reassign.
  • Each applicant was asked to respond to the same questions and any award decisions will be based solely on their submitted responses.
  • Please do not collaborate with other judges during this process...  your evaluation of the applicants is meant to stand on its own and your scores will be combined with the scores of the other judges.
  • If you have suggestions for next year's process (e.g. "We should ask applicants about...").  Please let us know so we can continue to improve the CSA Surfing Scholars Program!
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this process, feel free to check in!

You should also know that…

  • We have $2500 to award this year.
  • If the scores of the top 2 applicants are separated by 10% or less, the award will be split and shared between those applicants ($1250 per applicant)
  • Your scoring is CONFIDENTIAL.  If there is a need to "open our process" to others..  only the combined scores from all judges will be shared. The names of our panel will be shared, but not how they scored the applicants.

How has surfing impacted you so far, and how do you think surfing may impact you in the future? What are your future plans? How will you use the scholarship?
How have you been committed to surfing culture in Coronado? Described any activities (like participation in events, competitions, or recreation) that you feel demonstrate this commitment.
Describe any community service you have been involved in outside of surfing over the last four years....
Tell us about any of your unique qualities or passions...
Feel free to add any comments to your submission.. Totally optional!