Club Membership & Leadership Drive Update - 2016

The CSA will be opening its doors for an influx of new (or renewed) members in the next weeks.  While we have grown our presence throughout the coalition of surf clubs, now we need to do so in our own community.  We have plans for social, philanthropic and more competition but we need the bodies and the interest to go along with it.  Beach pot-lucks, beer garden with chili-cook-offs, water testing, beach cleanups, club camping trips, surfing sponsorship's, donations to needy surf-centric charities ... well, you get the idea.  We also would like the input of our community: what do you want to do?  So we need the bodies and desire to make this all happen.  Club board positions and committee positions are open and needing to be filled.

Latest Surf Competitions by CSA

Gathering of the Tribes, Doheny, 9/25 - 9/25

This event is over, only two surfers were able to surf this event.  The waves were small, and the weather was hot hot hot, with a strong Santa Anna blowing off-shore, temperatures on the beach were approaching 100 degrees.  The next GotT will be back at its original place (Churches in January) so plan accordingly.  That event would coincide with a fun surf-camping trip up to San Onofre, but reservations need to be made soon.....

Swami's - Return to the Reef, Cardiff, 10/8 - 10/9

We have a few surfers for this upcoming event.  If anybody knows of a surfer who would like to surf then we need to know right away....

Windansea, Coalition Invitational, 11/19 - 11/20

MSA Surf Comp, Sept 9-11

We had a minimal team at this latest MSA competition due to not actually getting a formal invite (maybe because teams from Virginia and North Carolina were there instead), though we were able to squeeze in 5 surfers.  Direct links to the event are HERE and HERE.  Overall this little team finished tied for 17th, sending 3 of the 5 surfers to the Finals. 

Oceanside Coalition Surf Comp, Aug 12-14

Update on O'side, the club finished a respectable 8th out of 18 teams, with the 2nd place finish of "Shnappy" Donald McCleod leading the way. Also hitting the finals were John Gillem, Aine Dwyer and Cole Quinlan.  The surf was medium to small, gaining in size through the day, but leaving Stan Searfus wanting more, and lacking in consistency during Cole's heat.  As a side note, the beer-garden didn't get a triangle on any of the surfers (this time).

Back to Oceanside Harbor for their 3-day event, though the first day (Friday Aug 12th) is the nose-rider competition so if you want any part of that action you'll need to sign yourself up (ahem, Taylor?).  I think that we've compiled a pretty decent team for this competition so lets hope that the waves cooperate and allow us to shine.  Once again we've put up a pay-site, there is no shortboard so don't worry about having to find that pay selection, just longboard this time around, fees are $80.  Right now we are looking at having 10 riders for this competition.

Malibu, Call to the Wall

Update on the event:  it was an incredible weekend with near perfect conditions to surf.  Our club finished 15th overall and sent four riders to the finals: John Gillem, Cole Quinlan (twice) and Stan Searfus.  What a great weekend, wish everybody could have been there.  Special thanks to Santi for demonstrating how to properly close a beach chair.

First Point, Malibu where we will be cruisin' the 'Bu yet again.  We have a block of rooms reserved at the old stand-by Good-Night Inn so reach out to us if you need a room and we can allocate one for you.  Spots for this competition check in at $115, but for the chance to surf First Point without dodging a thick lineup or dropping in on party-wave surfing that isn't too bad.  We've got an online pay spot for sign-ups or slip us a check.  Don't mean to be a kill-joy, but payments will be needed prior to the event or you won't be surfing for us.  

Gathering of the Tribes (delayed till Sept)

We'll be camping up at San Onofre as a team for the GotT event at Church, with camp sites and cabins being reserved now.  So if you are going to be there, then let us know and we'll try to get our sites/cabins near together.  More information will be coming out as we get closer to the date, get more participant information and get solid numbers for cabins/camp sites.  This is one of our premier events, camping with the ocean breaking at your backdoor, log fires late into the night, up before dawn, surfing with world-caliber surfers ... what could be better?

Swami's Surf Event

With a minor turn-out from the club (only 4 riders participated) our club took 10th place overall, our of 20 clubs, due mainly to the excellent big wave antics of Stan Searfus, carving his way to the finals and taking 5th in a highly competitive heat with perhaps some questionable judging.

Tourmaline Surf Event

Only two surfers from the club decided to take the plunge at this PB surf spot, fighting for parking and for waves.  Cole Quinlan advanced to the finals, taking 5th, once again marking his place in the junior long-board circuit.  It remains to be seen whether or not Cole continues to pursue this obvious talent, but we are happy to watch him as his surfing matures.

Malibu Surfing Association - Classic / Sept 11-13

The long weekend up in Malibu is over and it was, in a word, spectacular.  Sets poured in from the leftover hurricane swell with a steady stream of peeling sets off the point all the way into the shore for most of the heats (though there was the occasional heat left scratching for something to work with).

The three day event began with the Malibu Nose-riding competition on Friday, with pro-surfers putting on a display of incredible skill while perched on the nose of their logs, recording nose times in excess of 70 seconds as they came in from the Point.  The winning time was over 105 seconds of nose time (hanging 10 rates a double time btw).

The team event began early Saturday with riders in the water for pre-event surfing on the Point in the dark.  The day tripped along quickly with riders Stan Searfus, Ries Stanley, John Gillem and Nava Young riding the early morning heats, followed up by Ben Outlaw at lunch.  In the afternoon Taylor Jensen, Aine Dwyer, Don McCleod, Torrey Belzberg, Cole "Quinoa" Quinlan and Terry Gillard rounded out the Coronado surfers.  Coronado had six surfers advance against world-class competition to the next day of surfing.

Day two began bright and early with heats by Jody Esquer, Megan Stanley, Don McCleod, and Stan Searfus.  Next up were second heats for Cole Quinlan, Nava Young and Taylor Jensen.  The long day of surfing rounded out with finals appearances by Don and Taylor.

Once again Coronado has made a mark up at Malibu, with the overall team ranking 8th against truly world-caliber competition.  Teams from Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Virginia, North Carolina and all up and down the California coast sent their finest to this event.  Congratulations are in order for all team members, for making the commitment in time, money and belief to making our proud surf team shine once again.  Stay tuned as we continue our growth....

Malibu Boardriders Longboard Surf Competition

We have completed the competition up at First Point in Malibu.  For many of our surfers it was their first time surfing this epic break and the weekend was incredible.  Despite the weather interrupting the surfing for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon (the first time in memory according to the Malibu folks) the event was pulled off.  The Coronado team sent 4 surfers to the finals and overall we finished 16th, tied with Cardiff Surf Club.   Congrats to all of our surfers, young and old, for helping to again make the Coronado Surfing Association a name in the surfing community.  We are continuing to build and eagerly look forward to more competitions like this one ... days in the sun, watching world-class surfers put their skills on display, laughing and talking, and forging new relationships with our fellow surf clubs.


Farewell to the "JR"...

As you may or may not be aware, the JR surf event on Coronado, an institution for the last 30+ years, has come to a close.  Those who were close to Jimmy Reilly in life have indicated that it is time to move on.  To that end, we, at the Coronado Surfing Association, have decided to take a year off, out of respect for what was, before beginning our new tradition. 

So, look forward to our thank you party dedicated to those who have worked tirelessly over the years to make previous JR's successful and to our new event, for Coronado and South-Bay surfers, that will take place at the same time next year.

Our official notification in the Eagle:

On behalf of the Coronado Surfing Association (CSA), we would like to let folks know that after 31 years of huge success with the Jimmy Reilly Memorial Longboard Surf Classic or "The JR." competition, it has been decided that now is right time to retire the event. The “Bro’s” that started and ran it, did an amazing job of honoring their friend, Jimmy Reilly  and anyone that attended the event will always remember it with great fondness!

We want to thank all of those who worked tirelessly to make this surf competition such a huge success over the years and to let everyone know that CSA will be putting on a brand new surf competition here in Coronado and hopefully starting a new tradition around the same time next year.  One that focuses on the key components of what makes surfing here in Coronado such a passion.  If you are interested in learning more about the club or events, please check out our website: We have many exciting plans and ideas for the club and it is open to everyone of all ages that enjoy spending time in and around our Coronado beaches.

Please check back here often for announcements of upcoming events as the CSA begins anew....


 Our Mission:

The mission of the Coronado Surfing Association (CSA) is to promote and facilitate all things pertaining to a healthy enjoyment of the ocean and surfing, here on Coronado, by supporting a strong competitive surf team, growing a robust “ocean-centric” social environment and building an ecological awareness of the ocean through club events and philanthropic giving .



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Social Enjoyment

We are committed to developing and supporting a thriving surf community in Coronado for surfers of all ages.  From  community events to year-round surfing programs for  the next generation of surfers...  we strive to create the space for the love of surfing to grow.

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Competitive Surfing

CSA proudly supports camaraderie and sportsmanship through the sponsorship of competitive surfing at all levels. The steps toward mastery that competition promotes can also lead to a lifetime love of the sport. 

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Ecological / Philanthropic

Protecting the natural environment that our sport depends on is not a passive process.  In our commitment to surfing, there is also the recognition that our oceans and beaches depend on us to be good stewards.