Let’s get ready to SURF!  ALL families are invited to the 2019 CSA Menehune Surf Fest on Sunday August 24th starting at 7:30am at Shipwreck Beach.  This is a FREE contest for our youngest groms (14 and under) to jump in and experience a little friendly competition as they get ready for the summer surf season.  All are encouraged to come down, enjoy the beach, and cheer the kids on!  We'll get you registered on the beach.  

Food and drinks are POTLUCK and we'll have a table and tent set-up. Please bring a dish to share and provide drinks for your family all in re-usable containers.  This is a GREEN event!

All registered surfers will get one raffle ticket with a chance to win a brand new BOARDWORKS surfboard!  Trophies will be handed out!  What better way to start the summer?  COME ON DOWN!