Supporting the Coronado Surfing Association..  the 5 W's!

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The Coronado Surfing Association is a community built of like-minded folks who love surfing and enjoy building and maintaining a thriving surfing culture in Coronado.  Families, individuals, business owners, folks new to the island, and people who have been here for generations all band together to support the mission of the CSA.



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Our mission is to promote a passion for surfing and the ocean environment through community beach and ocean conservation events as well as the sponsorship of competitive surfing at all levels. We believe that surfing and the ocean is a special experience worth preserving and we have lots of fun doing it. Whether you’re a lifelong surfer or a novice, you’ll find a home in CSA with people of all ages who love the beach.


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The Coronado Surfing Association hosts events throughout Coronado but its reach extends further than the beach and the lineup. Through news outlet engagement and social media, the CSA reaches an audience that encompasses the entirety of Coronado and beyond. This means that for our sponsors who support the CSA either through event sponsorship or annual sponsorship, they can expect wide-ranging exposure to all of the folks that live in Coronado or who have an internet connection (that means everybody)!

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The Lorton Mitchell Surf Fest is the CSA's showcase event happening the weekend of Thanksgiving.  It's an event that brings families together in our community and raises important funds for our organization as well as cancer research. Beyond this event, the CSA aims to provide year-round activities for its membership, and beyond. This year we are developing programs to interface with the community at-large including beach cleanups and an annual community learn-to-surf event. In this way, sponsors can expect year-round exposure to our club's membership, and to all Coronado citizens.


The CSA is an important way to connect with the Coronado surfing community and be a part of organized surfing culture in Coronado.  Sponsors who support the CSA also support our 3 Waves of Engagement: Community, Environment, and Sportsmanship.


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