2019 Coronado Surfing Association - Surfing Scholars Program

This year's CSA Surfing Scholars Award is $1250!

This year's CSA Surfing Scholars Award is $1250!

Thank you for your interest in the Coronado Surfing Association Surfing Scholars Program!  Each year the CSA provides scholarship funding opportunities to deserving surfing seniors from the graduating class of Coronado High School.  

We welcome applications from any and all surfers who meet the eligibility requirements as we look to support the next generation of surfers who are about to take their next steps into what we know will be a future of limitless potential (and great waves!).  

This year, with support and sponsorship from the Islander Ladies Club, we are launching the inaugural Stan Searfus Stoke Award in addition to the existing Surfing Scholars Program awards. Below you’ll find ONE APPLICATION for all awards. Just answer the questions and submit by the deadline and you’re good to go. We’ll start notifying winners after June 1st.


2019 DEADLINE: Monday, May 27 at 12:30pm.  (No applications will be accepted after this time)


For 2019:

Eligible applicants must...

  1. Be a graduating high school senior from Coronado High School.

  2. Be members of the Coronado High School Surf Team.

  3. Have participated in at least one CSA and/or CHS sanctioned surfing event over their surfing lifetime.

Funding awards can be applied to...

  1. Any academic or educational endeavor (for books, tuition, or other resources) that is starting within 18 months of the applicant's graduation from Coronado High School… In the case of the Stan Searfus Stoke Award, funds may also be applied to any endeavor that promotes surfing stoke and culture to others in the Coronado community.

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How has surfing impacted you so far, and how do you think surfing may impact you in the future? What are your future plans? How will you use the scholarship?
How have you been committed to surfing culture and/or the environment in Coronado? Describe any activities (like participation in clean-up events, competitions, or recreation) that you feel demonstrate this commitment.
Tell us about any of your unique qualities or passions...
Let us know how you have spread the STOKE of surfing and love of the ocean to others throughout you high school career. Are you an optimist... how do you show it to others? How have you fostered camaraderie and connections to others in your community?