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Family Membership ($75):  Up to 5 family members in the same household. (2 T-Shirts, 2 StickerS). BEST DEAL!

Regular Membership ($50): For individual members 18 years and older. (1 T-Shirt, 1 Sticker). 

Junior Membership ($30): For individual members 17 years and younger. (1 T-Shirt, 1 Sticker). 


PLEASE ALSO NOTE: CSA Memberships run from “Lorton to Lorton” so that each of our active members are eligible for registration discounts for one Lorton at a time. Thanks for your support!


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Joining the Coronado Surfing Association is an important way to connect with the Coronado surfing community and be a part of organized surfing culture in Coronado.  In addition to our annual surf event, "the Lorton," the CSA is actively involved in promoting safe and clean beaches in our community.  As a non-profit organization (501c3), the CSA actively raises funds to support the Surfing Scholars program which provides scholarships to deserving graduating seniors at Coronado High School.  The CSA also helps the development of future generation of surfers in Coronado through its support of the Coronado Middle and High School surf teams.  As a member of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs, the CSA actively participates in coalition surf events throughout the state as its members surf and represent Coronado.  

We do all of this and more...  but the CSA is YOU and without your support, none of this is possible.  By joining the CSA you become part of a meaningful community organization and a member of the Coronado Surfing Family!

Active Members also enjoy some pretty awesome benefits:

  • CSA Sticker/Decal

  • CSA T-Shirt(s)

  • Discounted registration to the annual Lorton Mitchell Surf Fest!