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The Lorton Mitchell Surf Fest is the showcase event of the year for the Coronado Surfing Association. Through this important event, in the last two years the Coronado Surfing Association was able to donate over $25,000 to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation in memory of Lorton.  This year, we appreciate your support as we work to make this our biggest giving year ever! 

Of course, In addition to our annual surf event, "the Lorton," the CSA is actively working to promote safe and clean beaches in our community.  As a non-profit organization (501c3), the CSA actively raises funds to support the Surfing Scholars program to provide scholarships to deserving graduating seniors at Coronado High School.  The CSA also helps the development of future generation of surfers in Coronado through its support of the Coronado Middle and High School surf teams.  As a member of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs, the CSA actively participates in surf events throughout the state as its members surf and represent Coronado.  

There are many ways to support the CSA as a Business Partner...  Let's find the right fit for you!

All Business! CSA at the Coronado 4th of July Parade!

All Business! CSA at the Coronado 4th of July Parade!

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The support of our Event Sponsors is absolutely vital to our work in the community and allows us to meet our mission.  We are proud to let the whole community know about our Event Sponsors through logo placement, press releases, social media buzz, and more.  Event Sponsors are essential to our success.

Annual sponsors start with the Title Event sponsor benefits outlined above with additional benefits... If you want to GO BIG in your support of the CSA... become a Marquee Annual Sponsor or a Supporting Annual Sponsor!

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